Just this morning, a lot of BPI account holders are having issues with their account as some have lost money and some have negative balances.

Storms of mad customers from one of the largest banking company in the Philippines, Bank of the Philippine Islands, have been ranting on social media due to irregularities happening on their accounts, affecting every savings or current accounts they have.

Just today, around 6:30AM, news cracked as one of employees from an international BPO company located in Ortigas claimed that they were missing a huge amount of money from their payroll accounts. It was easily assumed that the problem was only on the company’s end, until another savings account from the said bank has also lost a significant amount of money, which is in no way connected to the company.

Soon after, it was proven that it was not about the payroll department as there has been a storm of tweets circulating online that BPI accounts may have been hacked as some are seeing withdrawals and even some are getting negative balances as up to five digit negatives. Check out the tweets below: