Counselor Bello ordinance to save stray dogs from ending up as ‘pulutan’

Rumors in Davao City are widespread that stray dogs impounded by the City Veterinarian Office (CVO) end up in several directions: killed in a gas chamber of the City Pound, secretly sold to dog-eaters or to a crocodile farm in Maa by corrupt City Pound dog-catchers.

A proposed Davao City ordinance authored by city councilor Karlo Bello is kind to the canines which are destined to die in the gas chamber three days after they are caught without owners claiming them.

If the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has an adoption scheme for abandoned children, Bello’s Adopt-a-Dog (DAD) ordinance would find new homes for the askals (asong kalye).

The Bello ordinance has rules somewhat similar to DSWD’s adoption program: the adopters will be strictly screened for qualification.

While the DSWD ensures that the adopted children will not fall into a wrong family, the Bello ordinance assured that the adopted dog would not end up being maltreated or being slaughtered by the adopter for pulutan during a drinking binge with dog-eating friends.

Under his proposed ordinance, Bello wants the unclaimed dogs qualified for adoption be spared the gas chamber and given out for permanent or temporary adoption three days after they are caught by the City Pound.

Under the ordinance already passed on Second Reading by the Davao City Council, the CVO is given the task of determining if a dog is apt for adoption and the screening of the adopter.

There is no mention of punishment for the adopters if the dogs end up in the belly of Dabawenyo dog-eaters.


I think the guy in the show 1 he’s cool cause he tried to explain to the radio dj. We are not the victim of mindset but talking and explaining that he don’t know about our president the way he is in my opinion he can understand more about him. So stay cool people. I really like president Duterte the way that he is. But maybe we need to be calm and talking nicely to everyone. Just saying . Cheers!

Syria Chemical Cholorine Attack Raw Footage

Chemical Attack

This is so heart-rending, it’s beyond belief. Another disgusting reminder of the ugly world we live in, this clearly isn’t the “typical” chlorine gas attack is #Syria, humans there are considered less valuable to our world.
So many children were killed in the most obscene & horrific manner, slowly suffocated by deadly chemical agents while others are helpless around them.
Even the hospital in Khan Shaykhun, treating the victims of the chemical attack has been targeted in an air strike.

Diana Carmella Gelangarin to VP Leni Open letter

With 7,099 Shares On her post:

To Leni Robredo,

If nothing else, surely you are aware of how most Filipinos feel about you as of the moment: You’re useless. And that’s putting it kindly. And yet what’s astonishing is that you do not seem to get it.

Ganito kasi ‘yan. In some countries and states, there are two types of leaders: the ‘head of state’ and the ‘head of government’. The head of state has primarily ceremonial duties, while the head of government is responsible for running the government of a country, with his cabinet. For some, a head of state has limited or no executive powers, only a symbol. To make it short, for some, an example is the royalty. Here, obviously the head of state and the head of government are one and the same. The Philippine President should assume both roles.

For decades, people have been brainwashed that a president needs only to look presentable, never mind if he or she actually knows how to deal with the less palatable issues in our society. Now that’s what you believe in, too. LP brainwashes people, all the while putting invertebrates like you into power by turning people like you into something special.

That’s why LP needs Ninoy to remain a hero.
That’s why LP needs Cory to become a saint.
That’s why Noynoy is called the Son of Democracy.
That’s why Bam impersonates Ninoy.
That’s why LP needs to sensationalize February 25, more than other holidays.
That’s why LP needs priests and nuns to join your rallies.
That explains Kris’s sense of entitlement to presidential choppers.
That’s why Paolo Roxas was formally admitted to the public only after LP knew of people’s tolerance of Duterte.
That’s why you need to post a photo of yourself ‘bathed in light’.
That’s why you need to post ‘missing Jesse’ in your posts every now and then.
That’s why you need your image to remain a loyal widow, when obviously you’re in a relationship.
That’s why your office responded to a controversy of your alleged pregnancy immediately, yet was mum on the Profriends Developer issue. (You are more concerned of your image rather than addressing constituents’ needs.)
That’s why your party needs to inject brand names like ‘decent’, ‘presentable’, ‘gracious’.

Given this sacrosanctity, you can already consider ‘paving the way’, ‘gracing the event’, ‘you are included in my prayers’, ‘being an inspiration’ as accomplishments as VP.

People like you, who ‘went out of your way and alighted from your car’ to go to Nanay magsasaka who waved at your car. You hugged her and had a photo taken together. Yeah, being able to embrace you really helped her in life.

People like you who look good abroad, rubbing shoulders with the ‘who’s-who’, bluffing your way through accolades, while Filipinos who know the real score are called trolls.

People like you whom yellows consider ‘inspiring’, ‘a true example of a leader’, a ‘gracious woman’, with ‘decent manners’, ‘doing her job well’, cheering you on, never mind the ‘trolls’.

People like you, pampered, who break at the slightest provocation, whose ears burn at the mildest jeers, whose weak constitution deny unpalatable realities of brutality, whose tender sensibilities cannot accept criticisms, who, instead of protecting the people, turned out to be the one being consoled, comforted, surprised with Jollibee burgers with hugot post-its in order to make her giggle on Valentines Day.

People like you, who supposedly stand as the heroine and champion of labanderas, tinderas, unemployed single mothers, widows with numerous children, sex workers, turned out to be the pampered damsel-in-distress who needs these women to rally for her. Shame.

Many people are starting to see through the ruse and it won’t be long for all to realize.
That Cory is not a saint.
Ninoy is no hero.
Noynoy, stripped of ‘Aquino’ is not even an admirable, decisive, self-made male.
The Aquinos have no royal blood.
You’re all just ordinary citizens elected into position.

Do you still not understand why people dislike you? It does not even help that Duterte is evil and you are good. Remember Leni, you ask forgiveness for two sins: what you ‘have done’ and what you ‘have failed to do’. If Duterte is guilty with killing; you are guilty of protecting. With all the problems in the country, ‘not doing anything’ is more criminal.

Tell you what. People would not have cared that Mar had an illegitimate son IF ONLY he was an effective leader. We would not care about your real score with the Congressman IF ONLY you are a sensible VP. Pero paano na ang ribbon-cutting? Mawawalan ng bisa kasi di ka pala santa, ano?

Laban Leni? Leni, Leni, Leni, it is the Philippines that needs protecting. Punyeta ka, ikaw pa ngayon ang kino-comfort.

How Inday-Sara Responded to Leah Navarro by her creative response when Baby Stonefish mocks by Leah

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio responded on the tweet of the former artist Leah Navarro that mocked her son Baby Stonefish.

In her tweet, Leah Navarro shared an article about President Rodrigo Duterte and Baby Stonefish and wrote: “Poor kid. One day someone’s gonna call him “hey, Stonedfish!”

The Netizens quickly defended the child who got mocked by Ms. Navarro and asked her why she didn’t spared the child just because she don’t like President Rodrigo Duterte.

A day after Leah’s tweet, Inday-Sara Duterte responded to the tweet of Navarro and instead of posting harsh criticisms against the artist who mocks her child, she chosen a witty response.

In her Instagram post, Inday-Sara acted as Stonefish and she said that her baby is more intelligent than the former artist.

She even boasted that Stonefish grandfather is the President of the Philippines and his godfather is Joseph Ejercito Estrada a former President.

“Leah Navarro. Kahit pa ano sabihin mo. Presidente pa rin ang Lolo ko at Presidente ang Ninong ko. At mas matalino Mama ko sa iyo, therefore, mas matalino ako sa iyo kahit 15 days old lang ako. — President Stonefish Carpio #goodvibes #dancedancedance #dancesinglovelive #du30 According to a study, children inherit their intelligence from their mother ” Inday Sara wrote.

Netizens praised Inday-Sara for keeping his cool to the criticisms of Ms. Navarro against her family.

Baby Stonefish parents are both lawyer that came from the respected families in politics and law.

Inday-Sara Duterte gave the nickname to her newest child because she loves the sea so much.

Stonefish’s older brother nickname is “Stingray” and her sister’s nickname is “Sharky”

Vice Leni Agaw Power Video Leaks

Watch how Vice president Leni Robredo talks about Pres. Duterte to support the Impeachment complaint against him. The video was leaked.

Minamadali ang impeachment complaint laban sa ating mahal na Pangulong Duterte upang makaupo sa pwesto itong si pekeng bise presidente na ito!
Mga kababayan, maging mapag-matyag po tayo! May babaliktad po na mga Kongresista at susuporta sa impeachment complaint na ito at nang sa gayun ay manumbalik na naman ang kanilang kabulastogan sa gobyerno!
Huwag ho nating hayaang mangyari ito! Protektahan ang ating Pangulo laban sa mga power grabbers na yan!

Watch this guy beats the speed of the big Anaconda

Big snake
Watch this guy on how he beats the speed of the snake. The Anaconda or green anaconda (Eunectes murinus) is the one of biggest snakes in the world.

It is a non-venomous boa species from South America. It is the largest, heaviest, and second longest known living snake (behind the reticulated python). The term “anaconda” usually means this species.

This giant snake (which is called the water boa) lives in swampy areas of tropical South America. It spends a lot of time in shallow water, hidden from unsuspecting prey. Anacondas give birth to live young; 20 to 40 baby snakes are born at one time. The largest specimens measured 17.1 feet long and weighed 215 pounds.