How Inday-Sara Responded to Leah Navarro by her creative response when Baby Stonefish mocks by Leah

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio responded on the tweet of the former artist Leah Navarro that mocked her son Baby Stonefish.

In her tweet, Leah Navarro shared an article about President Rodrigo Duterte and Baby Stonefish and wrote: “Poor kid. One day someone’s gonna call him “hey, Stonedfish!”

The Netizens quickly defended the child who got mocked by Ms. Navarro and asked her why she didn’t spared the child just because she don’t like President Rodrigo Duterte.

A day after Leah’s tweet, Inday-Sara Duterte responded to the tweet of Navarro and instead of posting harsh criticisms against the artist who mocks her child, she chosen a witty response.

In her Instagram post, Inday-Sara acted as Stonefish and she said that her baby is more intelligent than the former artist.

She even boasted that Stonefish grandfather is the President of the Philippines and his godfather is Joseph Ejercito Estrada a former President.

“Leah Navarro. Kahit pa ano sabihin mo. Presidente pa rin ang Lolo ko at Presidente ang Ninong ko. At mas matalino Mama ko sa iyo, therefore, mas matalino ako sa iyo kahit 15 days old lang ako. — President Stonefish Carpio #goodvibes #dancedancedance #dancesinglovelive #du30 According to a study, children inherit their intelligence from their mother ” Inday Sara wrote.

Netizens praised Inday-Sara for keeping his cool to the criticisms of Ms. Navarro against her family.

Baby Stonefish parents are both lawyer that came from the respected families in politics and law.

Inday-Sara Duterte gave the nickname to her newest child because she loves the sea so much.

Stonefish’s older brother nickname is “Stingray” and her sister’s nickname is “Sharky”

Vice Leni Agaw Power Video Leaks

Watch how Vice president Leni Robredo talks about Pres. Duterte to support the Impeachment complaint against him. The video was leaked.

Minamadali ang impeachment complaint laban sa ating mahal na Pangulong Duterte upang makaupo sa pwesto itong si pekeng bise presidente na ito!
Mga kababayan, maging mapag-matyag po tayo! May babaliktad po na mga Kongresista at susuporta sa impeachment complaint na ito at nang sa gayun ay manumbalik na naman ang kanilang kabulastogan sa gobyerno!
Huwag ho nating hayaang mangyari ito! Protektahan ang ating Pangulo laban sa mga power grabbers na yan!

Watch this guy beats the speed of the big Anaconda

Big snake
Watch this guy on how he beats the speed of the snake. The Anaconda or green anaconda (Eunectes murinus) is the one of biggest snakes in the world.

It is a non-venomous boa species from South America. It is the largest, heaviest, and second longest known living snake (behind the reticulated python). The term “anaconda” usually means this species.

This giant snake (which is called the water boa) lives in swampy areas of tropical South America. It spends a lot of time in shallow water, hidden from unsuspecting prey. Anacondas give birth to live young; 20 to 40 baby snakes are born at one time. The largest specimens measured 17.1 feet long and weighed 215 pounds.

Are you confused of X-Men Story? Watch this video about Decoding the X-men Timeline

X-Men Story flow
Find out how to track and understand the X-Men popular movie. The X-Men is a fictional team of superheroes appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist/co-writer Jack Kirby, the characters first appeared in The X-Men #1 (September 1963).
Watch the video below.

Note: Copyrights to Movie Pilot

Watch President Du30 Apologized to Vice Pres Leni because of the name Issue

President Duterte on his speech: “Maam I would like to apologize kasi hindi ka sinali dito. Bug-bugin nalang kaya natin sila?”

People are amazed on how the president handles this such situation.

Watch the video below.

Davao City Philippine AFP Fighter Jets Heading to NPA camp and drop missiles ordered by Pres.

DAVAO, Philippines… President Rodrigo Duterte ordered to release high powered missiles to the camp of NPA.
At 1:30 AM in Davao City 2 fighter jets are heading to the NPA camp. We the reporter will not say the location since this is highly classified.

The fight is on, said by Lorenzana and prepare yourself with fully loaded guns. The chief of AFP also ordered to use massive force air strikes this 2:30 AM at NPA camps.